FoldForms are simple plane forms which are cut and creased in such a manner as to allow them to be inverted. The preparation of FoldForms does not involve glueing or any other form of attachment.

Inversis Magic (the Magic Morpher) is the best-known of all FoldForms. A possible cycle of inversion is shown on a separate page.


Five further FoldForms are shown below. The folding cycle of the square form (sometimes known as the quadrupler) which appears below shows that, whereas Inversis Magic inverts with simple folding motions, FoldForms generally exhibit at least periods of harmonious flowing motion.

Before attempting to invert these FoldForms, fold STRONGLY downwards along the red creases and upwards along the blue creases. These preliminary folds greatly assist the inversion process.









 Note that the in the shown cycle of inversion, the initial motions simply fold down the four corners of the square, either separately or simultaneously. The remainder of the cycle is shown as one long continuous flowing motion.




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